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Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Comprehension
The student has a thorough knowledge and understanding of
1.      sources of and developments in international and European law
2.      substantive international and European law in a wide range of fields
3.      key aspects of selected legal cultures and traditions, as well as comparative law
4.      cutting edge legal scholarship in relevant fields
5.      actors, institutions, procedures and policies relevant to EU and international law
The student has practical experience
6.      in the working methods in key EU institutions
7.      in the work requirements, environment and tasks of a lawyer in international/EU organizations 
Application of knowledge and skills
The student is able to develop his or her
8.      own autonomous, critical legal reasoning to frame complicated legal, international and/or European issues in their proper context and to pro-actively develop pertinent solutions in law, prepared to independently contribute to the development of the field. The student is able to apply his/her theoretical legal knowledge both independently and in an international team, to
9.      plan and carry out scientifically sound legal research of advanced master level, such as research papers, presentations and a Master thesis,  which contains a research plan, specific research questions and a critical analysis and synthesis of the research results
10.    learn about and deduct the relevant legal issues to understand a given complex legal situation
11.    solve challenging legal problems by proposing creative legal solutions in the areas of international and European law
12.    formulate convincing legal arguments
13.    communicate orally and in a written form with a wide range of stakeholders of different backgrounds in an international, multi-cultural environment
14.    conduct international legal negotiations
The student is
15.    comfortable working with and expressing him/herself in English on complex legal matters
The student has a positive attitude towards and confidence in
16.    independently working with and acquiring further knowledge on demanding issues of international and European law, so as to act in a multi-cultural setting for the further development of a harmonious international society.

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Academic plans

In the context of this programme, the following academic plans are offered:

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