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Learning Outcomes

- Researcher (R)
- Innovator in the elderly sector (I)
- Communicator (C)
The Master in GS has knowledge and understanding of
1. the scientific basis of existing gerontological theories and areas of application (R)
2. the different perspectives within the gerontological sciences (R, I)
3. the methodological principles inherent in the gerontological areas of research (R)
The Master in GS can 
4. carry out scientific research within the field of gerontology and / or geriatrics, apply the different methods and techniques specific to the gerontological research, statistically analyze the collected data and interpret and discuss the results in a scientifically sound manner (R)
5. apply communication techniques and skills within the gerontology field (C)
6. report, present and defend (own) results -in writing and orally- in a didactic and scientifically sound manner (R, C)
7. identify current and intercultural issues and developments with regards to the elderly and elderly care,  have an open and critical approach and can develop innovative elements (I)
8. critically analyze and interpret relevant scientific literature / search engines (R)
9. reflect on his own professional conduct (I)
10. extrapolate existing gerontological theories to the wider elderly sector and contribute to optimize the quality of the elderly sector (R, I)
The Master in GS has 
11. a (self-) critical and scientific attitude focused on the Gerontological Sciences (R, I)
12. focuses a great deal of attention on sustainability in the proposed solutions for an aging society (R, I)
13. the intercultural competencies required to be able to cope -as world citizens- with current and future challenges in the globalized and aging society (C)
14. an attitude of lifelong learning, to continue to develop on a fully independent basis and make adjustments in the domain of gerontological sciences (R, I)

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Academic plans

In the context of this programme, the following academic plans are offered:

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