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Learning Outcomes

According to the programme-specific intended learning outcomes (ILOs) a graduate:
ILO-1      Has theoretical and application-oriented knowledge on, and deep insight in: applied immunology, advanced molecular biology, and protein structure and function.
ILO-2      Is able to apply bioinformatics in the fields mentioned above.
ILO-3      Has practical skills in the domains mentioned above.
ILO-4      Has the ability to retrieve, critically evaluate and use scientific information to build further on acquired knowledge.
ILO-5      Is able to operate as a member of a multidisciplinary team.
ILO-6      Is able to present personal research, thoughts, ideas, and opinions, both written and orally, to peers and to a general public.
ILO-7      Has the skills to perform original scientific research in a critical and creative way.
ILO-8      Is able to write a scientific publication.
ILO-9      Is able to set up an original PhD research proposal.
ILO-10    Is aware of ethics in research and publication.

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Academic plans

In the context of this programme, the following academic plans are offered:

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